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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zillow, Trulia, REALTOR Dot Com You Tube Video Channels Nothing To Write Home About.

Real Estate Videos By The Giants REALTOR Dot Com, Zillow, Trulia In The Back Of The Pack.

You would think the giants in the real estate marketing "home delivery" business would have the most top notch, sharp running video platforms on the largest in the world You Tube platform.

That all three would be clicking ruby red slippers and making everyone chant "there's no place like home". Nope.

Expecting over the top view numbers, through the roof channel subscribers not the case when you lift up the video platform hood.

As one by one you check the statistics on the You Tube channel for the big three, couple reasons for the lack luster performance. The SEO learned in real estate blogging, website mechanics is not spilling over to the same treatment on the video platform. And the content is not consistent, organized, always pertinent. What the real estate buyer, seller and professionals in the industry need to be viewing, listening to, following is not coming down the real estate video conveyor belt. Which movie star's mega dollar estate home sold and to who may be titillating to a Hollywood area real estate broker or relatives of the stars.

But last check we live in one big country of Jack and Jill's just trying to make the biggest sale, purchase of real estate in their life time.

Needing a little help over here. And video is one sweet way to tour lots of communities, plenty of places in their price range from a Droid, lap top, tablet, desk top computer when they can fit in the time for study, review. If they could only find a real estate bee hive headquarters that gets down to business and stocks the shelves like a big box retailer so they can help themselves.

The use of videos in your real estate marketing increases your chance of landing higher for a Google, Bing, You Tube search engine query.

As you aim for the front page search engine index your odds improve by fifty times. But only around eight percent of real estate agents, broker, REALTORS are uploading videos. Sadly, most are not real full motion videos with sound. Why? Lots of fears of using real estate video crop up. Video jitters. Or unwillingness to dedicate the time to master the real estate video learning curve.

If you set up a pretty, flashy, pimped out video channel, and have not been back to it for four months, it's performance is carbon copy of your blog post neglected the same way. If you build any media marketing platform, the customers will not automatically come. Come to what? Empty shelves? Missing videos you should have?

Or just Johnny One Time, ten, twenty second self branding video appearances stammering, unprepared thrown together unedited loops trying to be funny, cute and saying pick me, I'm the best.

The real estate buyers, sellers too packing up. High tailing it, leaving hungry, searching for another individual real estate agent, broker, REALTOR's video down the road to try out. To just get the information they need that the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) "yes, no, maybe" and a few crappy pictures don't do justice. To provide the information withheld, not appearing anywhere on line to graze, munch on.
Remember what you said about real estate video last year? No fresh, helpful time, gas, money saving content, no reason to come back is what happens in the head of the real estate buyer, seller. Who wants to wait around to see if you someday start posting better, or any videos? It's like a marketing battle ship left in port, no men, no ammo. No reason to leave harbor, not able to and mothballed.

Are your real estate, area videos missing in action? MIA, AWOL?

Time, desire, motivation is needed to change that parked situation. WARNING: In the beginning your early real estate videos will be See Dick, See Jane, Where's Puff and Spot? And your biggest video critics will make Simon look tame. Being harsh, critical, over the top head clubbing. But with a little careful study behind their sequined, lime green marketing curtain, they are not using videos at all. Or the few they have require the viewer to hold on to something to steady themselves as they pop a couple dramamine tablets. While you try to figure out what the point of the production is, how much longer before the "video" just please end? Put your videos on real estate web, blog sites.

The time to shoot, edit, render, upload will pick up, shorten dramatically as you hit your stride.

Finding a groove you can adjust to in marketing your local area events, individual real estate property listings. Go easy on just the mirror mirror on the wall self branding though. You may love your productions, but the average Joe and Jane checking out the channel in their living room at 10:30 at night five states away won't be so impressed. They want helpful, not cute, clever or entertaining. Where's the local community feature videos they wonder? How about some property listings for the real estate sticks and bricks show and tell?

Would you return to a restaurant that has nothing to dine on, no "food"?

Once is all it takes to make a mental note to keep on driving by. No matter how pretty the premise, great the location, location, location of the greasy spoon. Your real estate buyers, especially the out of town ones will find another local professional in your market that makes "home deliveries" if you don't, won't, can't.

First and foremost, you have to have something worthwhile to watch, to engage and connect with on your video channel.

And the real estate video channel productions need to be wired in, orchestrated with the rest of your marketing efforts. Reach, frequency to hit the segment of the audience you have property listings to match make to means using links on social media sites, your blogs, websites with video embeds so all the buyers, sellers have to do is sit there.

Toggle the video.

And here we go with full motion to breath life in to the real estate. That shows how the place flows, where all the property puzzle pieces go, fit. To animate, capture the local community flavor, spirit in video you did. Just special for the viewer, listener to feel like they are at the venue, activity, event. They are because of you, the home town local professional.

Videos Can Do Their Own Talking, Make The Star Your Local Zip Code, Like Early Maine On Waterfront.