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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wally World, Mickey D's, Pizza Rut..Yes, Virginia, There Is A Houlton Maine Walmart.

One question asked alot of Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers is "Does Houlton Maine have a Walmart?"

Yes indeed, there is a store number 1974 of Walmart in Houlton Maine. A new Tractor Supply Store in Presque Isle Maine also just opened up. So even thought northern Maine is lower populated, we still have the conveniences of other areas. The Walmart store in Houlton Maine is located on the Ludlow Road across from the Maine Tourist Information Center and next to Hannaford's Paradis Shop and Save grocery store. Maine, simpler living, healthy four season recreation, way way friendlier people.

Many relocating US border patrol, customs, immigration and 911 security personnel ask about the Northern Maine weather and right on the heels of that question, "Does Houlton Maine have a Walmart?"

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joseph Houlton Settled Houlton Maine, Then Local Constractors, Builders Laid Out The Town Slowly.

Maine was part of Salem Massachusetts until 1820, and Houlton Maine was known as New Salem. Joseph Houlton cruised up to Houlton Maine from Salem Massachusetts back in the beginning of the 1800's. By 1807, the rest of the families, wives, kids, animals made the same trek thru the woods to what later became Aroostook County. In Houlton Maine, neighborhoods spung up by local builders like Henry Post, Clarence Ayotte, Quinton Haney, Donald Caldwell, Hendry Chandler, Vaughn Hersey.

These new streets in Houlton Maine were not giant subivisions with your pick from park models of this cape or that ranch. Build one at a time as the Houlton Water Company brought in utilities like power, water, sewerage. As the Houlton Maine public works department built streets, roads, bridges and adopted these streets and roads to plow, pave, maintain.

The type of Houlton Maine homes, houses built, how it was built keyed to the time in history it came on line. As early builders, carpenters and do it your-selfers hammered out the County Seat, Aroostook.

After World War Two, streets like Hogan, Pearce, Commonwealth, Park Extension, Weeks Streets had lots of capes pop up. And in the 1960's areas of Houlton Maine like Hillview Avenue had a mixture of capes and ranch style homes. In the 1970's lots of ranch style homes built with Farmer's Home Administration dollar down financing took over on Brook, Alfred, Columbia Extention, South Streets. Charles, Kelleran and Elm streets had victorians, federal style homes built back in the mid to late 1800's along with the original housing stock found on Main Street and US Rt 1, 2, 2A that are here in the crossroads of Aroostook County. Many of the oldest homes built along the Meduxnekeag River or high on a bluff for security or on a rolling cleared field due to the fertile soils to grow our own food. Houlton Maine was the center of the potato industry back when Maine was the number one spud producer.

Ninety one percent of Maine is wooded so plentiful lumber mean brick designed homes were rare in the Houlton Maine housing stock. The Highlands Addition was added around the 1880's when the town of Houlton Maine constructed a foot bridge to span the Meduxnekeag River. To open up this area even more with new bridge for vehicles being added around 1902.

Folks working for the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad saw many tenement, apartment and rooming houses built around Florence, Grove, Grange, Green Streets and on Alice Avenue, outer US Rt 2A, known as Bangor Street which was the main way out of town heading south before Interstate 95 came in the 1960's leading the way to Loring Air Force Base. Many local Houlton Maine natives build cottages on Nickerson, Drews and Grand Lakes too. And enjoyed summer waterfront vacation homes, campsespecially in places like Crescent and Sunset Park neighborhoods.

Ward Log Homes, Katahdin Forest Products and other local Maine log home manufacturers right here in Houlton Maine account for the many log houses dotted the countryside and lakes around Southern Aroostook County too. Watch a Houlton Maine video of a fourth of July celebration, multi day state fair and see glimpses, snippets of the local area, people who live here.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name

Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name Nothing would surprise me today, April 1st. Here is another headline on what's happening to your postman, the guy or gal delivering your favorite catalogs, all those bills.Mail Carriers Become REALTORS.