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Monday, March 29, 2010

You Rent A Maine Apartment, Or A Home, House And Want Security Deposit Back When You Move.

Your security deposit on your Maine home, apartment house apartment was supposed to be put in to a special account, interest bearing to accrue to you.

And when you move, assuming no damage beyond normal wear and tear, or lack of last month's payment in full or proration, you want the deposit and interest made back. What happens if the property owner, Maine landlord does not give all or a portion back?

Well if he or she does not give you in writing notice within 21 days that you won't be getting back some or all of the deposit due to an outlined list of damages and reasons why, things get dicey.

Triple the deposit damages and having to pay the renter's reasonable attorneys fees to recover it thru the Maine court system is what happens. Being a landlord has lots of responsibilities, tasks, laws that go with it on top of smoke and co2 dedector legislation that got beefed up, going in to force a few months back in Maine.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Re-Blogging, Re-Packaging Maine Posts..This One On ME Soap Box Derby.

Reality shows catch on as cheap video.

And folks like to watch every day event programming. Some they can relate to or situations they're glad they are not involved in. With real estate, our Active Rain blog is often "wrapped around". With opening and ending tags and the blog we wordsmith the filling, the verbal bologna. Here is one Maine blog post I found on line for a Google search of Maine Soap Box Derby. I searched, googled the term to see if a new tumblr site was live, found by the search engine spiders. This is part of what I found for the soap box derby search.

It is funny to be reading a caption that gets your attention and then copy that you find yourself liking the way the author writes. And then you realize, hey, this is one of mine. With blog posts we have over 1300 Active Rain posts, others too with a different slant for a varied niche on MeInMaine Blog, etc. Like a flight with many connectors, where that flight or "post" originated takes a scan of the luggage tag. This blog post originates in Houlton Maine 04730.

I'm Andrew Mooers


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Maine Land Is Low Cost, Under Valued, A Sleeping Property Investment.

The old adage to buy low, sell high applies to any comodity.

Maine land in my opinion is way under valued. When you consider what the same land is selling for just a few miles across the Maine border in New Brunswick Canada, to buy prime farm land for $1000 an acre or less gets your attention. Especially when where our food comes from, what it costs is becoming more of a concern healthwise, financially.

Add to the equation that many folks that work hard for their money do not like to just hand it over to a stock broker these days. Too many CEO's and corporate giants have been hauled up court house steps on the nightly news charged with a laundry list violations eroding the investor confidence to all time lows.

And consider the fun, serious outdoor recreational options Maine land offers and the decision to buy is a no brainer. From an acre for $3490 up to hundreds of acres, in Maine there is plenty of property to go around no matter what the size of the wallet you sit on. Scope out our Maine land buffet.

Maine, land is here to tramp, dream about, use on vacations or for full time relocation, retirement.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers