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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The holidays are a super time to step back and examine where you are on the conveyor belt called life. Are you right on track? Or are you stuck for now due to situations you have to just live with temporarily? And usually any major change involves real estate transfer or at least a new apartment to lease. The holidays are an excellent time for family pow wows that cause the week after that holiday to be a brisk one real estate sales/listing wise. Day to day life is hectic, and the 8-5 time frame and off time is jammed full thanks to the American habit of multi tasking, "over booking" and failure to keep their lives simple. Change is certain. Large homes with one or two people in them with high heating oil costs mean selling to find something smaller, easier to get around in and easy to own operating cost wise to match their fixed incomes. Or the growing family that the shoe box home is now splitting at the seams. They desperately need to escape to a larger four bedroom, two bath model for sanity and peaceful living day to day. Get your sleeps brokers, bankers, stagers, movers....the holidays cause real estate to move. Decisions around the pumpkin pie for desert will be underway this thanksgiving. All those empty estate homes from this year that are going into Northern climate heating season, are a worry. Insurance companies are tapping their fingers and impatiently looking the other way for now on the unoccupied mom, dad, grandparents home not longer being used with the loss of the loved one. Sometime mortgage payments are still going on with no income to offset them due to death, divorce or lay offs. There is always a market....adjust your sails (sales) to the wind and don't wait for the wind direction to change. Ready for a simpler life style in Northern Maine? Visit and for area information, click Other blog on Maine and its people/properties?
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