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Friday, February 20, 2009

From Here To Maine: Suffering From Cabin Fever?

From Here To Maine: Suffering From Cabin Fever?

Curing Cabin Fever During The Middle Of A Maine Winter!

We all feel better when we get our lungs filled with fresh Maine air. Suffering from cabin fever? Maine's down hill and cross country skiing options are endless. So is ice fishing, ice skating, hockey games in arena and on lakes. Plus horse drawn sleigh rides, snowmobiling and even outdoor camping at one of the state's many state parks! Eating better and getting sleep will help cabin fever and one more reducer to try? Volunteering for others...that is reward, takes your mind off yourself and is just the right thing to do..serve others.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Find Maine Land, Farms, Waterfront Listings With Easy Links.

You've decided you want to invest in some Maine land. Whether waterfront, farm, wooded or just a home site, here is a quick start Maine land for sale link to begin the process quickly. For Maine property on water, this link and for farms/farmettes this link. Maine real estate brokers do not just list, market and sell homes or houses. Underneath all is land and Maine has affordable attractive land to consider. Fpr 700 blogs on local Maine property and the simpler home grown life style visit another Maine Real Estate blog.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blackhawks Hockey Team Wins Big Game 3-0

The Houlton Hodgdon Blackhawks before a packed house, with the band playing skate the entire game like it was a power play in the Millar Civic Center. Watch the local game, recognition of the seniors, and a home game match against the Presque Isle Wildcat Maine high school hockey team.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Houlton Maine Aerial View of Interstate 95 And US Rt 1!

Houlton Maine is at the gateway to the Atlantic Canadian provinces.
Tourists heading to Halifax Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Or
Eastern Canada can easily access the trans Canada highway in Houlton Maine.
Beefed up US Homeland Security makes a passport necessary but
otherwise locals in Houlton and Woodstock New Brunswick go back
and forth with ease. When the dollar is lower on either side,
cross border traffic picks up but from the direciton where the
dollar in your wallet has more buying power.

Come explore Houlton Maine! Here is an aerial view of Interstate 95
where it connects to US Rt 1. US Rt 1,2,2A all intersect in Southern
Aroostook County.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Does A Seller Of Real Estate Need To Know?

Real estate will sell if
realistically priced AND marketed correctly. A good maine real estate broker does not ask you what you the owner thinks the property is worth...he or she needs to tell you the real value from the analysis of the market. And that broker needs to be aggresive, passionate and filled with fire in his belly about the property and the area it is in. Excitement, use of all the many options to market property from internet websites, blogs, video, podcasts and email campaigns. Direct mail brochures and placement around the tourist information centers also help support the marketing effort. Ready to sell property in Maine..Houlton Maine and Aroostook County? Contact Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers 207.532.6573 Log On