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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Expectations | What's Coming Up On The Real Estate Listing To Closing Highway?

Hoping for more than is realistic when selling a Maine property listing means the real estate agent, broker needs to establish what to expect early on.

During the real estate listing, providing the low down, careful explanation of what the current health of the local real estate market is. And where the property listing fits in it. How the marketing of the real estate, getting property from listing to the closing table works in today's exciting, action packed day. It is easy for the professional wearing the Realtor "R" to forget buyers and sellers don't deal in the real estate arena every day though. That all the initials, short hand slang expressions and jargon leave the owner or buyer of property in the dark. Unless communication, early on and through out the listing, marketing, closing process is done.

What to expect?

In life, if you have an idea what is coming up, ahead there is less jitters, nervousness right? Maine real estate is an emotional experience but have found if as the broker I can set the stage on the process. To assure that I am on top of the sale with updates, communication along the way, it helps the emotion level. The buyer or seller may not be happy about a set back caused in the process but remember being told this could happen. And if it does then this is the option array for solutions. So it has already been talked about when it comes up. So what to expect down the real estate highway for unforeseen roadblocks are

So much of what we do is beyond listing, peddling Maine properties, listings. More than promoting the local Maine area.

Or providing time saving helpful information for real estate buyers and sellers. We deal with people, ones in tough spots with a foreclosure looming overhead. Their kids having to consider moving back in with grandparents because of a job loss, or illness of a Mom or Dad. Or divorce, or transfer where getting the kids to the new school on time is critical. Being air traffic controller to ride herd on the entire real estate sale operation is key. But being a little bit Dr Phil and a sympathetic ear is valuable too. Along with clearly setting realistic expectations early on in the real estate sale. So no one jumps to the wrong conclusion.

It is way way easier to deal with problems, set backs or just over anxiousness to make the sale happen early on.

Then waiting until you and the real estate buyer, seller are knee deep in a problem, a glitch. And looking for someone to hang, to hold responsible. They may not be happy about the situation, but realize you are right there with them, alerted them it could happen. Maine, big state, friendlier people, drop dead gorgeous outdoor scenery. Get here quick as you can to find you place in the space called Maine.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker 207.532.6573