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Friday, July 18, 2008

Low Cost Maine Land For Sale! Only Want A Lot..Not A Kingdom?

Just a small acreage to build a cabin on, a modest home...something for Maine real estate that won't empty your wallet? Sure thing...low cost Maine land for sale!
Maine..the way life should be. You buy land here for what we DON'T have. We don't have crime, pollution, a million pushey, angry people and tons of traffic. That would be city living. You are in "Mayberry" the Waltons tv show. For more on northern Maine living, visit Discover Northern Maine. For all types of real estate in Aroostook County Visit

Houlton Maine 9-10 Year Old Little Leaguers On A Roll!

The Houlton Little League 9-10 year olds are on a roll!
Our 9-10 All Star team has represented the town of Houlton / Southern Aroostook County well at the regional tournaments in Bangor.

Houlton has made it to the Regional Championship against Bangor East! To get there they have had to beat:

Glenburn – July 1st
Hermon – July 7th – this was their only loss
Katahdin – July 12th
Holbrook – July 13th
Bangor West – July 15th
Hermon – July 16th
Lincoln – July 17th

Saturday July 26 The Houlton Little Leaguers trot out onto the field, gloves in hand, hats pulled down tight and with determination to come out the victor in District 3's baseball championship game. Houlton will play the undefeated Bangor East (they have only played 4 games) Saturday at 2pm. If they win Saturday they will play again on Sunday at 2pm. If they win Sunday, they get a week off and go to the State Tournament in Augusta.

Thanks for the team sponsors, the parents, the employees that are flexible to allow the two hour trip to and from Bangor to watch the Houlton Maine team keep steadily advancing to this final game! Good luck Houlton Maine Little Leaguers..we are proud of you and thanks for putting Houlton and Aroostook County on the map over and over!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Local Maine Farms For Sale! See Yourself On A Tractor?

Grow your own vegtables and fruit. Raise your own beef. Work the soil, put up the fences, cut your own wood to burn.

Could you own a Maine hobby farm and teach your kids where food comes from? Back in the 1800's 96 percent of us were farmers. Raising critters or crops and being close to self sufficient is not granola, hokey or back to nature extreme. It makes sense and the life style if rewarding. You become a bit of a carpenter, mechanic, gambler, scientist, and try new things. You barter with your exchange skills, you help each other in the old "barn raising" way. Your place this week, my place next week. Help with haying, strong friendships created, love of the land and respect for nature grows leaps and bounds. Maine..the way life should be. Ready to consider buying your Maine farm?


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For Sale By Owner Properties In Maine...The Trend.

When you wander into a For Sale By Owner real estate site as a Maine Real Estate Broker..the first thing I notice it prices way way higher than the town / city values the property is in. In many cases, the owner thinks no commission, and by just being on the internet, the value goes up 2 to 3 times. Anything if fairly priced and marketed correctly will sell with promotion and time. But just being on the internet is not need as an owner of Maine property to be on video outlets, have blogs on your area and property highlights done consistently and brochures placed at tourist info centers, etc. In addition, quality imagery...lots of images needed, maps, aerials, and links to all the questions you would ask if in a brand new area. A real estate office in Maine is where folks call, stop in and email with their property requirements. There is a steady stream of prospects and past customers to work with. And that broker does not get paid until the property sells. Be careful listing your Maine property but get a full time, full service broker that spends money to have enhanced sites, and who utilizes all the technology available to get the word out. He can keep you from getting sued later with sharp buyer operators and sorts out the "lookey loo's" who can ruin your Sunday afternoons. Propsects can run you ragged only to find out later there is no money to buy what your are peddling on your own! Qualified prospects, screened showings around your schedule, and honest opinions of value are just a few of the elements to expect when selling/buying your Maine real estate.