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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Local Maine Farms For Sale! See Yourself On A Tractor?

Grow your own vegtables and fruit. Raise your own beef. Work the soil, put up the fences, cut your own wood to burn.

Could you own a Maine hobby farm and teach your kids where food comes from? Back in the 1800's 96 percent of us were farmers. Raising critters or crops and being close to self sufficient is not granola, hokey or back to nature extreme. It makes sense and the life style if rewarding. You become a bit of a carpenter, mechanic, gambler, scientist, and try new things. You barter with your exchange skills, you help each other in the old "barn raising" way. Your place this week, my place next week. Help with haying, strong friendships created, love of the land and respect for nature grows leaps and bounds. Maine..the way life should be. Ready to consider buying your Maine farm?


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