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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maine...You're Not In Kansas Any More Mr Real Estate Buyer.

Some phone calls and visits from buyers for Maine real estate these days start with the assumption that nothing in Maine is selling. That the market is eating itself and welcome to half price sale days. That owners are desperate to sell and there is no market like the state they come from that may have a dire market with this type of market in place. You are not in Kansas any more Toto. Consider that you can, and could before the stalled economy buy a quality home in the $30, $40's, $50's in Houlton Maine and Aroostook County...and that the monthly payment on that small a mortgage is not going to choke you, and suddenly this part of the country up here in the right hand corner on the New Brunswick border of Canada is a ray of sunshine real estate wise. You don't lay awake nights worrying about foreclosure on a mortgage that is $250, $350 a month. It is cheaper than rent and everything other than gas and food is cheaper. Home insurance and car coverage is a third or half in some instances the cost in other areas and you quickly realize the real estate playing field in Aroostook County. It is tilted in the favor of the average little guy home owner. Small town commnity values and low cost attractive real estate that does not spike up and down hundreds of thousands of dollars...makes another positive case for living in Maine. Maine...the way life should be.

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