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Monday, January 19, 2009

You Are A Maine REALTOR, Agent, Broker And Real Estate Is Your Game. Join ActiveRain!

Networking with other real estate brokers, agents and bankers in Maine or anywhere in the world. You are a professional and on top of the real estate world in your corner of the planet right? Are you a member of ActiveRain? If you are a member, you learn about how to optimize that new website, blog or how to make better videos and podcasts. You share a success or post a new listing you are excited about. You can post the images, embed the video and put in the links back to your home page. ActiveRain is like college or a seminar and you get to track the leaders in your industry all over the globe. You need to be one of the close to 130,000 members and growing. In Maine there are close to 600 members of the over 4400 licensed real estate agents and brokers. You know the expression, twenty percent of your professionals do eighty percent of the work in any industry. Where are you? Where do you want to be! Let me help you get on board ActiveRain and show you the's easy. I have learned alot...and use this site as the cookie jar for information and to help promote our area, my brand and my listings.
Maine REALTOR And ActiveRain Member Andrew Mooers - Promoting Maine Real Estate 24/7!

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