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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lake Association Meetings...What Do They Talk, Worry About?

You made an investment in Maine real estate on the water. It's on a lake, filled with fish, offers lots of recreation with a kayak, sailboat, swimming, water sports like skiing. So when the lake association gets together, what do they talk about? Tonight our Drews Lake Property Owner's Association swings into the New Limerick town office to discuss erosion, watershed drainage, community block grants for septic updates, building codes, shoreland zoning regulations.

The DLPOA meetings involved discussion about the roadways, dues collection, signage for 911 and safety and sets up clean up days and public landing "housekeeping" tasks. In the case of Drews Lake, the public dam was turned over the association for a dollar and we built a new dam, raising the funds privately and to make sure the water level did not go up or down to impact the shoreland. What do Maine lakes "hate" if they could talk, what would they let us know loud and clear on? Lawns. And most lawns have enough phoshorus and do not need weed and feed. No milfoil in these lakes, and that problem is four hours away luckily.
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