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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Home..In Maine. But You Have to Move It!

Up for the task? $10,900 is the price tag.

Watch the video and consider this one in Topsfield Maine that needs to be flat bedded to a new location. Land to consider to put it on? We have all parcel in Amity Maine with a well, septic all in place. It has a driveway, the lawn, small storage garage and the price is $12,900! Watch the Amity ME land for sale video. Or this 36 Bancroft Maine acres for sale $22,900 video.

Or one more nearby 10 acre Prentiss Maine land video. Put these two together and you have a neat two bedroom ranch country home to use on vacations or full time. This hardwood floor home was built and used by young forest rangers working for the state of Maine. There is another forest ranger home not far away and with streamlining, budget cut backs one has to go. The state does not need two of the same close together but wants to keep the storage shed and land around this home you will be moving.

Questions? Ask lots. That is why I am here. 207.532.6573 log on Maine, you know it's what's missing in your life right? Click
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