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Friday, January 29, 2010

You Own Maine Property, Want It Exposed On Line, The Internet.

Being found on line when you have a Maine property to sell.

When you want exposure, to reach the largest real estate buyer audience possible. Years ago the internet was in its infancy. There were fewer Maine realtors, real estate brokers actively, aggressively using its power to reach a larger audience than the local market where the property was fixed positioned. So just being on the internet with a real estate website could gain results without much more fanfare.

But quickly like a wild fire in a dry field of hay, it became quickly apparent that just being on the internet with one horse was not going to keep you on page one of search engines. You needed more horses, a variation of the methods to connect with the Maine property real estate buyer. Now with blogs like this post you are reading, it is essential for communication on line options to increase. Niche real estate audiences is one reason. In addition to reaching a large audience, a Maine real estate broker needs to secure a quality of readers, or in the case of video / podcasts, viewers and listeners, to find the message, the advertisement. Feeding the many social media web 2.0 platforms with links to this same message. To develop a following. Attracting more of an increasing audience in reach. And a return to connect with the same intial audience of yesterday with frequency.

When a Maine real estate owner lists with Mooers Realty, we start with our mother website, begin to blogs on a variety of sites designed to help expose the property. This blogger site helps reinforce our Active Rain and MeInMaine blogs. Our videos on local Maine community events and ME real estate property listings reaches further with a message, delivered in an expanded, different five senses way. We live in a very visual world.Instead of the traditional copy and image, reading delivery using only the eyeballs of the audience, video and audio media streams are most effective. Tapping in to List Hub amplifies our Maine mls listings and thrusts them on "conveyors belts" to now forty other real estate property marketing venues. An enhanced MOOERS REALTY site helps add to the real estate marketing music too.

Print media like brochures printed by 4000 at a time are used in direct mailing to past customers and future buyers who have called, stopped in, or emailed our Houlton Maine real estate office.

These Maine property brochures are for the 15% of buyers too that do not begin, continue and end their real estate search on line. Tourist information centers in Maine, New England get stocked with these brochures. Locally at points of purchase areas of foot traffic, having a well designed, fresh set of brochures adds to the mission to make the phone ring, emails to flow, office visits from local and out of state real estate buyers to happen, escalate.

Over my last thirty years as a Maine REALTOR, the real estate marketing sophisication has increased from just planting a sign on the property and concentrating mostly on a local property buying audience. We ran ads in large newspapers, other print media outlets years ago too. But sporadically due to the cost and short life of the exposure. Now with the internet real estate marketing options available, the outside marketing is constant, never stops. sleeps.

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