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Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Maine Real Estate Buyers Give You A Detailed Shopping List.

A must haves, don't wants for Maine real estate.

It makes my job a way lot easier when the buyer for Maine property has a clear vision of the real estate objective. This is one of those that cruised in to the email inbox with 200 other emails this morning when the computer was fired up, turned on to start the day. It starts out with headings, criteria to help know what to bring out of the Maine real estate kitchen.


Cut large trees, use saw mill

Build at least 1 house

Clear several acres for planting

Have farm animals


At least 15 acres

Many large trees (for sawmill / building)

Must be outside city limits (zoning, taxes, hunting)

Hunting allowed

Must have level, good soil farmable land – we can clear it

Must be able to use land right away – not after paid in full


VERY much want water; river, stream, even pond


NO gov entanglements; Maine Tree Growth Tax Law, wetlands, ?

No restriction;


Owner financed

Can put up to 8k down

Payments up to $350/mo., but only with less down

Warrantey deed

Will need to see first


Any info on; zoning, building permits, septic, wells…

AND Here is the list from our box of chocolates that caught his eye, that he wanted more on. So we sent maps, listing sheets, video, more images than the original property splash designed to serve him quickly with a quick overview of what is currently available for sale. He asked about this list...

#7604 * 60 GRAND ISLE ACRES! Evidence Of Old Roads & Trails! Scenic Hardwood Ridges! Signs Of Game! $20’s!

#7733 * 44 OAKFIELD ACRES! Beautiful Snow Sledding Trails! Enjoy The Nearby Lakes! $24,900!

#7821 * 41.6 HODGDON ACRES! ‘L’ Shaped Lot! Terminates Access Road! Surveyed! Priced To Sell! $Teens!

#7819 * 40 LUDLOW ACRES! Valuable Gravel In Place! Access Road Along Interior! Former Home Site! $20’s!

#7846 * 45.5 PRENTISS ACRES! Brook! Terms! $30’s!

#7670 * 25 MONTICELLO ACRES! Fronts The Meduxnekeag River! Great Hunting & Fishing! $24,900!

#7553 * 36 BANCROFT ACRES! Near Shorey Brook! Interior Gravel Road Started! Terms Considered! $22,900!

#7818 * 40 ACRES * LINNEUS! Heavier To Hardwoods! Surveyed! Good Title! Lots Of Road Frontage! $32,500!

#7839 * 45.5 AMITY ACRES! Surveyed! Here’s The Spot For Your Recreational Cabin! Mixed Woods! $20’s!

#7847 * 34 SHERMAN ACRES! Low Cost Attractive Financing! Near Baxter State Park/Mount Katahdin! $Teens!

So we quickly attached the maps, videos, details, more images and everything else about each and every one so he can start narrowing the list before getting here. You can do a lot online before you see the whites of the eyes of the Maine real estate buyer.

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