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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Picking Potatoes...Maine Kids Learn Work Ethic Early On!

Growing up, the winter coat was something youth selected and paid for. During potato havest, a three week period that is a school recess, pickers with extra picking gloves, lunch boxes and water jug trek to the many Aroostook County fertile fields. Everyone did it growing up. Heck there are adults who take vacations at this time to help area farmers get the golden spuds to market or to storage for the winter. The experience is a big part of everyone's life in Maine. Same as raking blueberries along the Maine coastal areas, or lobstering and clamming with family members. Hard work, good honest work. And the other employees you spend the day with become closer and the area farmer needs you. You are contributing big time for your 25, 60 or whatever cents per barrel payment. The money made is saved. The potato checks are held onto tightly. Used for christmas presents in carefully selected purchases, winter clothes selection, essentials or for a rainy day.

No money wasted, not alot of money to waste in rural maine. But what you do purchase after careful thought is taken care or, not neglected or abused or forgotten from lack of interest. The folks in Washington DC could take a lesson from this rural lifestyle. If money was more precious, and there was less tax payer dollars and sale taxes rolling in, priorities and belt tightening would become in fashion for survival. There would be no choice. That's real world. Currently if there is problem national, throw money at it, lots of money and waste money along the way.
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Watch the movies...picking potatoes and storing the spuds in Aroostook County Maine!

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