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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are You In Your Place In The Sun...Where You Should Be?

As a Maine real estate broker for three decades, I find a common theme when out showing property or talking to prospects. Many live in congested areas, are working too hard, too long hours and think something has to change. a simpler lifestyle, less materialism, more community voluteerism. Less people mean less problems. I like all that Maine does offer with the rock bound coast, the rolling fertile farm fields, the mountainous areas to hike. But even more important than the natural unspoiled beauty, I like what we don't have. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. Maine is 11 people per square mile in Aroostook County where you don't lock doors and people are friendly, willing to help. And real estate prices are so much lower. If you are looking for a recreation piece of land to run away to or a full time retirement spot, get to Maine as quick as you can. Come for a day. Stay a lifetime. What you are missing is waiting in Maine.
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