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Monday, March 9, 2009

Neat To Hear About Iraq And A Different Perspective.

Am lucky to have a property listed for sale owned by an Iraqi who works for the US Government in Bagdad. He stopped in today and said the atmosphere is so much different and folks in his country are seeing less crime, and more improvements to their standard of living. Before under Sadam's regime there were 3 newpapers. Now there are a thousand. Before there was a state run channel and now there are 40 channels to hear the news.

The one problem that does persist though is greed from those in charge of public projects. Roads that should be rebuilt properly are not all being done so and the millions of dollars allocated are not going into the job. Redo's on roads and waste of money that should be going into schools, hospitals and other areas like public sewerage / sanitation are missing the mark. Plus the funds for the jobs was more plentiful from 140 dollar oil that is now 38 to 40 dollars.

One big improvement would be electrical advances. Currently without air conditioning, and 130 degree temperatures, folks are tired, hot, and more frustrated. He is hopeful electrical contractors update that area for the population and he believes then President George Bush made some tough but needed decisions during the deployment of troops. My job in selling Maine real estate helps bring me in touch with so many people from several far away areas. I learn alot in showing property and dealing with folks from out of the country.
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