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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Me Something That Could Be An Inn, A Bed And Breakfast.

Opening up your home to the public. Scary proposition or something you could do to make a living, to meet some neat people and serve your community. Staying at a Maine inn, a bed and breakfast. When you open up say a Houlton Maine victorian to rent rooms, even serve meals to those guests and the local community, you offer an option different than a four wall motel room stay. In a Maine downtown, the guest can take a walk by the local library, theatre, the shops and get a feel for what this place, this town is all about.

The local flavor of the area hits the senses and makes the stay more memorable than just pulling off the interstate and ker-plopping in a chain motel. The interstate room dweller gypsy nevers really gets a feel about the town that motel is in. Zip in, bag some zzzz's, climb back on the interstate and cruise control to your destination. Ever thought about running an existing or starting an inn/b&b from stratch? This place was the Twin Elms Tourist Home in the past and has been carefully renovated top to bottom. Scope out the Maine real estate video.

ME REALTOR Andrew Mooers - Maine is the way to live, the kind of people you want for neighbors.

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