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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(Wiping Doctors Forehead, Monitors Beeping In Background) Is Real Estate Like Surgery Life And Death?

Time matters. In surgery, in a game with a clock ticking. If you are held up in a real estate sale when you need to start a new job eighteen states away, and have an empty home causing a major financial strain keeping you awake nights with worry, a sale is life and death. If you don't sell, you can jeopardize the whole financial health of your personal affairs. A bad renter who does not pay, trashes the place, piles up garbage and interferes with the sale process can cause the owner who is nip and tuck with all the other demands on that weekly paycheck in uncertain economic times to titter. I have seen a renter I did not pick but inherited in a sale process destroy a place and cause foreclosure to happen. So a sale of a home or other real estate can be like a surgeon who makes one move a centimeter off and dire results, maybe death or paralysis.

A professional REALTOR is hired for what he knows, has learned, not just marketing expertise with a property. He is able to assess the situation like an MASH emergency unit where if the right steps are not done to stop the "financial bleeding" the listing will die without a sale. Use of real estate video, blogging, direct mail, slow drip email campaigns and full time effort and sensitivity to the seller's situation and local current market conditions translates into a sale if the broker reads the signs, collects the data and wastes no marketing steps to hit while the iron is hot, to produce ads that are exciting and shows he is enthusiastic about the unique property he is priviledged to represent the seller on a sale of.
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