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Monday, September 28, 2009

Maine Fall Foliage Color Report...Jack Frost Has Been Busy With His Fall Paint Brush.

They say the Maine fall foliage colors are like a second bloom but instead of flowers, it's leaves that burst into brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and browns as the temperature goes up and down evenings.

This fall in Aroostook County the leave change seem faster. Northern Maine's color change is in the roughly 30 to 75 percent range.

Planning a trip north to scope out the fall colors, have a glass of homemade apple cider, pick up some Maine potatoes might be a good idea this weekend. Here's a full foiliage up to the minute leave Maine fall leaf peeking report to help you decide what to do this weekend. Those odd jobs around the home will still be there the next weekend. But the handy work of Jack Frost in Maine will not so plan the trip now.

The State Of Maine Tourism Bureau wants us to help spread the word about the colorful surrounds in "Vacationland" too. Low lying areas get different temperatures which alter the speed for color change over higher elevations that may be colder, quicker to "ripen" color wise.

Today is also the start of the Maine moose hunting season as well if you need more reasons to take a few days off in Maine.
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