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Friday, October 16, 2009

Winter Is Coming, So Martha..Might As Well Take The ME Real Estate Off The Market.

Northern climates like Maine get white fluffy soft winter snow...

We play in it, enjoy the recreation options in Maine with snowsledding, ice fishing, hockey and down hill / cross country skiing. So when a Maine real estate owner or seller says, well, let's wait until spring to sell or take a current listing off the market, the act requires further thought. Marketing real estate is a four season job. Property promotion is a full time operation. If you the owner worry about moving in snow drifts, make the possession May 30th. But don't pull the plug on the outside marketing.

The blogs about your place, videos uploaded to social media platforms and heavy marketing over the late fall / winter and early spring months are crucial. The example of winking at a girl in the dark comes to mind. No lights on (no marketing) no effective flirting going on to get the girl's attention. Turn the lights on. Marketing year round is smart. Possessions can be terms of the sale to reflect possession you can sleep with.

But remember, most people wait until spring to list and do you want to head off the herd, use the winter months to attract spring customers or not? If you are ready to move quickly, don't think people do not buy homes in the winter. We have in Houlton Maine lots of customs, immigration, border patrol people who get transferred and have to get into a place now. It's not about what you would like to do or if you would move in the winter or not. It's what happens in your market and how do you effectively market real estate over the winter months. Right now rich fall foliage colors and green grass look pretty good in the videos, the images we post on marketing pieces. Do you want the dead, tan grass of early spring to be the image to project.

Get the jump on the rest of the typical real estate sellers who don't market over the winter. Advertise. Promote a season or two ahead and enjoy a sale because of exposure to more people who play pen pal with your Maine real estate broker over the winter months. Turn on the marketing machine. Broadcast and promote your Maine real estate with all out effort. I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers. That's the way I have operated for 30 years this April 2010. Put me to work for you.
ME REALTOR Andrew Mooers - Maine...And You Didn't Think Places This Nice Existed.

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