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Friday, October 16, 2009

Selling, Marketing Maine Real Estate...How's The Process Work?

When a Maine real estate owner lists their property, the agent or broker has a mission.

It starts with what is the fair market value of the property and considering the motivation of the seller. If the owner of Maine real estate says, hey, I need to be at the closing table on this home within sixty days or less, then the pricing, marketing all reflects the ticking clock. Discussion of what needs to be done to the place, in the case of a home, is crucial. With land, bush hogging to dress up the front field that is brush over grown, or staining the log cabin on the lake topics are batted around between the broker, agent and property owner.

In college, had an advertising professor who said people are like cattle. They don't really know the direction to go, what they should buy and advertising, marketing plants the seed, the desire. Advertising and promotion to sell a product, service and coaxing the consumer to want it, need it, buy it. With social media, the marketing tables have changes. Instead of Madison Avenue ad agencies crafting clever marketing pieces to make the consumer look cook, see themselves owning this, eating this, driving this or drinking this or that, the internet has changed the direction of the marketing, the carrier of the message.

In broadcasting, there is a carrier wave that the audio or video is piggy backed on, all on different channels, frequencies. In say the 1950's, people were more naive, gullible even. They believe most of what the newspaper printed, lock stock and barrel. The radio and early television were the same way. If you saw it, you bought it. The media was the carrot and stick, the consumer the donkey.

With social media, web 2.0, the members of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube, Wordpress Or Blogger talk, post, create videos to tell their connections, new friends what they discovered, liked. The consumer is the marketer and you can not fool 300 million members of say Facebook...pretty close to the population of the US. If the product or service or song is luke warm, not so hot, people chat, post, tweet about that. If it's a hit, then it talk talk talk with that honest spin. Homemade marketing from the consumer who is the research and development guinea pig now.

So how does this shift in the tractor beam that used to pull consumers in from traditional ads on the limited media, broadcast and print options that were all there was not so long ago? Now, a successful Maine real estate broker posts lots of information...not just real estate propaganda. It's not about the "sticks and bricks" and a local market. It's about the area the real estate is in. Blog posts about the area, videos showing the local community events, and the actual real estate marketing is video inside and out, tons of images. Clear, crisp, helpful imagery that is sharp, colorful, eye candy. Audio on the video is 40% of the message too. Hearing the brokers, agents, salesmans voice on the walk thru or tour of the land, small grocery, lake front cottage is crucial. It brands the agent who is no longer behind the curtain, holding the pen that wrote the copy, snapped the pictures.

Also, the broker has stepped in front of the camera to one on one, tour the place as if the buyer was the only one in the room. That buyer is a tired traveller stuck in a Cleveland, New York, San Francisco or Paris airport for hours. A guy needing a shave, a lady needing a good nights sleep but with time to kill on line with a lap top, a Blackberry or an Ipod to download a podcast about you, your area, your new property. They watch the open house videos, the local community video series on what you do for fun, where your kids go to school, what churches are in your town and weather information. The agent has become a tour guide, the first person they meet on line. The video tours mean when they arrive, the walk thru and around are a small formality. Their minds are pretty much made up.

If you are considering buying or selling Aroostook County Maine real estate, where prices are sooo much lower, the fewer people are sooooo much friendlier, I am here to help. I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers. I speak Maine real estate and would consider it a privledge, an honor to help you buy or sell your property. My philosphy over the last 30 years of selling Maine real estate is if it is realistically priced, marketed fiercely, aggressively, the property will sell. It will fit the needs of the real estate buyer. The property sells itself with the all out, full throttle marketing. Rather than convince someone to buy, find them something they need, that just plain fits their needs, wallet, timing. Call me anytime at 207.532.6573 or log on Scope out our Maine blog too.

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