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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Maine "Green Home"..What Is It Worth, Will The Market Reward The Seller?

Used to be the term "green" was not always a positive. If I was described as a brand new Maine real estate agent, a little green, wet behind the ears with no experience to back up the license, green is not a flattering label. Over the last 29 years I have listed, marketed, sold Maine real estate. And the buzz term "green" incorporates lots of how we lived our day to day life anyway. Remember Maine is farm and woodland based living, and respect for the environment, our waterfront resources and being good stewards is what we Mainers are all about. Wrote a post on a sister blog this morning on a Maine Shoreland Zoning Buyer Resource Guide available to real estate tire kickers of Maine waterfront property.

Green lumber is material that has not been air dried or put thru a kiln to reduce the moisture content. It will warp and check and twist if put right in to a structure too soon, prematurely. Green appears alot in nature and is a neat word to label the movement to step up the protect the world thinking bantered about in social media circles, by talking heads on the tubes, in the print outlets.

But remember, as Kermit stated forlornly "It's not easy being green". And the real estate being passed off as green needs careful inspection. True use of the label means looking deeper in to areas you can not see with the naked eye. Reading about the energy star guidelines, the future system design codes coming out of universities and other learned centers in the country today. Here is what MaineBiz Says about green living development.

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