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Monday, November 2, 2009

Traveling To The Maine Woods, To Spend Time At A Log Hunting Cabin, To Snowsled And Ski Down A Hill, Across A Field..

Sports greats like baseball star Ted Williams, Presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, George Bush Sr and Jr, and many Hollywood stars have headed to Maine frequently to hunt, fish, sail, play golf and get away from the throngs of people surrounding them in their day jobs.

What's the attraction to this place called Maine? Two sides of the coin that attract, keep folks coming year after year. Simple list on one side of what we have here. Clean waterfront, unspoiled deer infested woods, bluer skies, brighter stars, fewer but friendlier people. And plenty of wide open space with 11 people per square mile, the 4th lowest crime state honors.

On the other side of the coin, it's what we don't have. Besides safety with the low, no crime status in Maine, especially Northern Maine's Aroostook County, there is no traffic. And the scenic US Rt 1, 2, 2A and under used Interstate 95 that connects in Houlton Maine to the Trans Canada highway in to New Brunswick and the Atlantic Provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Labrado and beyond, make getting around easy. Not wall to wall people here because Maine is a little further up the pike, at the beginning of peace and quiet, at the end of hustle bustle.

Come up for Maine fall deer hunting season. Take back a Maine Christmas tree and some lobsters, clams, a bag of ME potatoes. See a Maine lighthouse or two on the way up. Try Maine out for winter recreation like snowsledding, down hill and cross country skiing. Take in a hockey game or two and lace on some skates for that exercise your doctor keeps reminding you of needing. Plan that vacation that is way way over due. Make it a getaway to Maine.

Come on one of the nearly 100 cruise ships that park off our coast. To get wet, enjoy one of six thousand lakes, or a spot on a beach along the hundreds of miles of rugged, rock bound Maine coast. Make Maine a habit. Bike it, hike it, sample it and make it a yearly tradition. Once Maine gets in to your system, your heart will never leave. For low cost Maine real estate to land here often, to enjoy a second vacation home away from home, you have lots of affordable options.

Maine, It's Plain And Simple, Not Like This Everywhere Else, Anywhere Else.

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