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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Houlton Maine...Give Us A History Lesson Andrew Mooers.

Okay, in 1957 in Houlton Maine, living, working and being raised in a family here in Southern Aroostook was special.
The new high school was coming, the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad had a local presence with offices and executives right here in Southern Aroostook County. Ricker College was in its hay day.

Trips to the many area lakes, like the Pavilion at Nickerson Lake where the Houlton Community Golf Course is located were part of summer. Local farms and wood cutters were active and anything you needed, you could find on the local level in Houlton Maine.

Being on the Canadian border means trips to New Brunswick, to Old Home Week in the old park off the bridge and on a river island near Woodstock. Helping local potato farmers harvest the crop, local youth learned work ethic, earned spending money. Houlton Maine, especially in the late 1950's was a special place to live, to be from. Would you like a piece of Houlton Maine for yourself, to sample a friendly small town?

Maine, You Need To Visit, Relocate, Retire Here.

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