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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Maine Real Estate Market...No Giant Nose Bleed Spikes Or Nose Dive Drops.

Maine, life is different here.

Simpler. Small mortgages that we like to get paid off. Mainers do not like owing money. We save money. What a novel concept. Spending money in Maine means better impulse control. Taking our time and shopping around. If it is not a good deal, we don't buy it. Maine real estate is attractively priced all the time..not just a day after Thanksgiving or just before Christmas.

Lower cost real estate is the rule not the exception. Like these paid of properties in Houlton ME 04730.

Maine is a state with less people, the 4th lowest crime and low low cost real estate. So when prices are so low, they look even more attractive when you see a place advertised on this home for in the $30's. Watch the real estate video below.

Or this home in the mid $40's below. Watch the real estate video!

Our real estate marketing time can extend but you do not see giant hundreds of thousand dollar swings up or down. We always live pretty conservatively. Braced for a recession or any way the economic winds blow. Maine, it's here when you are ready. You move here for quality of life, not to spend lots of money to impress anyone. How much you have is way way less important than who you are. Maine, breath a couple lung fulls of that clean air.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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